Additional exercise settings

What’s a flash exercise, and how do I create one?

A flash exercise is an exercise which does not appear on the gameboard map. It can be activated at any time during the game, and will have to be answered by everyone once it’s opened.

A flash exercise is created just like any other exercise. You set an exercise as a flash exercise from the exercise additional settings → Set flash exercise setting on.

Once your exercise is set as a flash exercise it will not be visible on your instructor gameboard. It will be placed under the flash icon on the right.

The players will only see the flash exercise, when you open one during a game. When your game is on, you open and close the flash exercise from the flash icon.

Once you’ve opened a flash exercise, it will appear on the players’ map, and will have to be answered before they can move on to other tasks.

If the players are in the middle of answering an exercise when the flash appears they can however complete the open exercise before moving to the flash exercise.
Once the flash exercise is answered or closed by the instructor, the players can move on to other exercises.

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