Creating a new game

What kind of pictures can I use as a gameboard?

You can use one or several images (up to four) as your gameboard. They need to be in jpeg or png format. If your chosen gameboard is in pdf-, word-, ppt-, raw-, or any other form, save it as a jpeg or png form before uploading to seppo. The ideal size of the gameboard is 1000 x 800px. On mobile phones, a portrait layout works best.

Using 360° images as gameboards:

You can use 360° images in Premium accounts. There are five 360° pictures in Seppo for you to choose, but if you want to use your own pictures, here are two ways to get free 360° images:

  1. Use search engines like Google to find an image. Put search term “360 picture cc0” and do an image search. Remember to check that the use of the image is allowed. Often adding "cc0" to your search, the images are copyright-free, but it is still recommended to double check it.
  2. Download an application for your mobile device that can produce 360° images. Good applications for this are for example Google Street View and FOV.

Good to know with both options: 360° images are often very large in size. See that the image meets the following criteria:

• The longest side is no more than 3000px,

• Optimal file size 4MB and

• The file format is .jpg.

Images can be easily edited in image editing programs such as Paint (Win) and Preview (Mac) or advanced programs like Photoshop or Gimp. Larger images than 2MB can be downloaded from the instructors side, but they may not open smoothly on the player side.

How do I create exercises to my game?