Additional exercise settings

What are Badges? How do I use them?

Current version of badges will be removed in January 2022. We will introduce a new version of the badges later.

You can continue using existing badges for a transition period. In 2022 we will renew the players' browser version. When the use of the current browser version ends, it will end the use of the badges as they are now. Badges are not supported in the Play Seppo app.

What does the change mean in practice?

New games

You cannot add badges to new games.

Existing games

If you have badges in your game, you can continue using the game. Badges will work as they have until now: you can grant them automatically using the additional settings in the exercises or you can give a badge while you are manually grading exercises. You can also modify, add and delete badges in the game settings. Note though that if you remove all badges, you cannot re-introduce them later: removing the last badge will make the badge option to disappear from the game settings.

If you copy a game that has badges, the badges will be available also in the copy.

If your game doesn't have badges, you cannot start using them.

Games downloaded from game library

If there are badges in the game you download from the game library, the badges will be included in your own copy.

How to use badges

Badges allow you to give extra recognition for good work. Create badges from game settings by adding a picture from the Icon button, give the badge a name and click Create.

There are two ways of using badges.
1) When you create an exercise, you can grant a badge automatically from the additional settings. Insert required score which the player must achieve and select a badge. Save.

2) When you grade creative exercises, you can choose a badge in addition to points.

Automated feedback in creative exercises