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Levels: What are they and how do I use them?
When levels are used, player will see only level 1 exercises on the gameboard in the beginning of the game. New exercises are added to the gameboard as player progresses. Levels are good for gradually growing the challenge level of the game and for giving the player a sense of moving forward.

To start using levels, activate them from game settings and save.

Create exercises. Open levels from the fifth button on the left in the map view.

Drag and drop exercises to levels. You can name the levels, and change the access criteria. Number of completed exercises means that player needs to answer that many exercises before they can get to the next level. Score means that player needs the get that many points before they can get to the next level. Both requirements must be fulfilled before the next level opens. Remember to save.

Automatically opening exercises (level 0) exercises pop-up on the player's screen when the game starts. Player has to answer them to be able to continue. Level 0 exercises are not shown on the player's map, so they can be placed anywhere on teacher's map.

Note that if there are only creative exercises, player is not able to proceed to the next level before you have graded enough of their exercises so that they meet the points criteria.

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