Most common error situations

Connection to Seppo is interrupted

When you are using Seppo as an instructor and get a notification that your connection seems to be interrupted, here are some common reasons for that.

The most common reason is that you have opened the login page in the same browser to access the game as a player. Even if you open Seppo in a new window, the browser will recognise you as the same user.


There are three options for testing the game as a player

  1. Use the Play Seppo app.
  2. Use another browser. Chrome, Firefox and Safari are our supported browsers.
  3. Open a new window in incognito/private mode.

To restore the connection as an instructor, reload the page and then login to Seppo.

Another possible reason is that you are no longer an instructor in the game. You may have removed yourself from the instructors or another instructor may have done it.

Solution: Ask the other instructors to add you back in the game. If you are the only instructor, you cannot remove yourself from the game.

You cannot edit a game