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Branching game path – what is it and how do I use it?

With branching game path you can create games where a player's choices affect the game. Exercises are completed in the order that you decide but at the same time you can provide multiple routes to select from. The path selection can depend on the player's answer or you can allow players to freely select a path.

Ideas on using branching game

  • Build thematic routes for players to choose from
  • Add game elements like surprise and luck by creating detours and dead-ends
  • Give extra exercises to players who need rehearsing
  • Acknowledge diversity, varying skill levels and let players choose the challenge level suitable for themselves

How to create: After you have activated the branching game path in the game settings you can start creating the game. First make a starting exercise by activating First exercise status inside an exercise. Only one exercise can be the first exercise.

Then start building paths by clicking Connect in the first exercise. Select the exercise you want to connect to it. Now you have your first connection. Create more connections in the same way.

To delete a connection click on it. A cross appears. Click on the cross to delete the connection.

To create a crossing add connections from one exercise to several exercises. There are two types of crossings:

  1. Let the player choose where to proceed next. This can be done with any exercise type.
  2. Direct players to different paths based on their answers. This can be done with a multiple choice exercise.

To create a type 2 crossing create first a crossing by connecting the next available exercises to it. Then open the crossing exercise and under each answer option choose where the answer leads to. Save the exercise.

Goal exercise: You can have one or several goal exercises in the game. When a player completes a goal exercise they are shown a game completed notification. Open an exercise and activate This is a goal exercise option. You can’t create more connections from a goal exercise.

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