Creating accessible content

Text formatting: use enter to change paragraphs. Don’t add empty lines between paragraphs (shift + enter), because screen readers will read the empty line. For the same reason, don’t add extra lines before or after a picture, a video or an audio.

Images of text: write the exercise using the exercise editor instead of adding a picture that contains the text. Example: a screenshot of a website or a photograph of a text. Assisting technologies such as screen readers or increasing the size of the text do not work in these cases.

Use of colours: don’t use colours as the only way to convey information because all people cannot distinguish one colour from another. Example: an infographic or a map where all information is displayed with colours only. In addition to colours you can use textures and explanatory texts to make the graphics more understandable.

Flashes: don’t add content such as a video that contains three flashes or more in one second. This kind of content is known to cause seizures.

Time limit: consider the pros and cons of using the time limit in the exercises. A player cannot turn off the time limit or extend the time so it is possible that they don’t have enough time to read and use the content. You can advise players to use the chat to ask for more time.

Match pairs exercise is difficult to play with screen readers. Consider its use. We will make the exercise type more screen reader friendly in the future.

Creating alt texts for pictures, videos and audio